DrumWriter Feature List

Multiple input methods

Quickly add notes and embellishments through point/click, touch & keyboard. For devices with keyboards there are dozens of shortcuts that can enhance your productivity.

Grouping / Ungrouping

Group and ungroup notes and let DrumWriter deal with the note values for you automatically

Automatic Validation

Automatic validation will tell you when your bars have the incorrect note values for the selected time signature. Intelligent Validation shows you which notes groups are correct and which are wrong


Add and format text anywhere on your score including control over font, size and position

Automatic beams

Quickly add beams to your scores by utilising the automatic beaming feature

Automatic spacing

Make your scores look neat quickly by using automatic spacing including a “proportional” spacing option


Pro Edition allows you to email scores to your friend, pupils and corps members. Full collaboration is available with Corps Edition to share scores with your corps and eliminate the need to email PDFs


Very realistic playback with various sample sets including practice pads and drums (including pitched tenors)

Ensemble Playback

Combine snare, tenor and bass scores to produce a full drum ensemble, the most realistic playback of any pipe band drum score tool

Rehearsal Mode

Group your scores into rehearsal lists and quickly move between scores that comprise a set of tunes or sets of rudiments. Rehearsal lists can also be used to produce multi-score/multi-page PDFs

Auto Save

Your scores are automatically saved regularly in the event of a device failure and you can resume from where you left off

Note Highlighting

Use note highlighting to indicate the pitch of tenor drum, you can assign one of 9 different pitches to each highlight colour